Molina De Segura - SPAIN

Staff joint event in Molina de Segura from February 12 to 17, 2018


"Identity, Recognition, Tolerance-School Museums as a Way of Sharing the Cultures of the Diverse School Population"


 February the 13 (10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.)


Workshop 3 is held in Murcia, which consists of a tour of the main monuments of the city, in the development of maps prepared by our students who have a QR code that opens with a recording

From 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., two museums are visited, the MUBAM (Museum of Fine Arts) and the Archaeological Museum where museum practices and the use of new technologies are found (Workshop 3: Visiting the local museum)



February  the 14 (10am to 5:30 pm)


1. Presentation and official welcome of the participants in the hall of the center. Chairs the Regional Deputy and President of the Commission of Education and Culture of the Regional Assembly Don Juan José Molina and the Councilor for Education of the Hon. City Council of Molina de Segura, Mrs. Fuensanta Martínez. Next, Professor Blas Miras gives a lecture about his experience with art and children from 4 to 13 years old. The choir closes the formal moment with a performance.

2. After that we do the Workshop 1 How Museum education elements are integrated into secondary school curricula and Workshop 2 How these museums collaborate with schools and each participant presents his work

3. Consensus dates are proposed for trips from Slovenia and Hungary.

Slovenia: Meeting teachers (three days) 16.4 to 20.04

Hungary: Spain: Training activities (5 days) arrival on 30.09 work from 01 to 10, departure on 06.10


4. Choose the Logo created by Spain to represent the Project

5. It is decided to pay for a domain for our website for a period of two years Workshop 4: Discussing / familiarizing with the project web-based platform



February the 15 (9am to 4:30 pm)


We travel to Cartagena with a guide to attend a guided tour of the main museums and cultural sites of the city. The idea is to take note of the way of working in Cartagena to use it in our activities of good practices. The Roman Theater Museums are visited with a guided tour and the ARQUA Interactive Museum, which makes a very pleasant impression to the participants due to its great interactive use of new technologies.



February the 16 (10am to 2pm)


The activities to be developed for the Slovenian teachers meeting are presented according to the index of our project, Workshop 5: Discussing and specifying the activities for the next project period.


- The students have to do some research into "How to ethnographic museums collect, preserve, store, research and present the wide range of objects of traditional folk culture" - making PPts, Prezi or videos.

- Organizing a series of meetings and discussions of the project team with the school management, schools 'student parliaments and parents' boards as well as representatives of the local community so to reach a decision on the type of the museum every partner school will establish

- Compiling a compendium of best practices 'Museums as Educational Partners' - April 2018.

- All the partners have to present good practices (lessons, workshops, projects - developed in greater detail as every good practice should be in a separate file), which will be included in the Compendium

Then, we visit the Salzillo museum in Murcia to continue with the museum practice, in this case a Private Museum.



February the 17 (10am to 2pm)


Visit to Blanca (Pedro Cano Museum), to Abarán (visit to the Medieval Ferris Wheel and walk along the Segura River) and to Cieza (Medina Siyasa)