where: Domzale - SlOVENIA

The Secondary School of Domžale is an educational institution for 15- to 19-year old students who participate in further education after the obligatory 9-year primary school. Our school provides diverse educational and training programs for about 600 pupils. It is the only upper secondary school in Domžale (population of about 12,000). The history of the school reveals it was a former school providing education for leather processing professions. Despite the rich history of leather manufacturing in Domžale, the school programs educating pupils for these professions were abolished few years ago. It is a school center – it offers different educational and training programs, therefore it has a large scale of different educators. Pupils attending gymnasium are learning second foreign language, they can choose between German and Italian, while the first foreign language is solely English. They are backed by numerous foreign language teachers, three of whom are native speakers, one for each language – they usually perform team teaching with domestic language teachers or make cross-curricular lessons with teachers of other subjects. We invest lot of means and expertise into the technical equipment. Since two years, after the years of efforts, the school got a new gym. This is even more significant, since a large proportion of our students participate in the sport clubs in the neighbourhood and some of them are becoming top athletes