14th November 2017

The first transnational meeting started with all the partners from Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal, Hungary, France, Poland, Slovenia and Spain. In the morning there was the opening of the meeting, the Italian Headmaster welcomed to our school partners, the local authorities and our students.

The Italian contact teacher introduced the project and the conference, Italian students showed their works about Italy and its territory, Sicily and its monuments and traditions, Salemi and its cultural places.

During the conference there were two interesting interventions by the director of the museum “Pepoli”  about “You can eat by art” and the second one by a teacher, expert in museum education.

Then there was the lunch break.

In the afternoon we started the workshop and we discussed about the choice of the logo. Spain and Italy will prepare the logo and in Spain will be choose the best. The second point of the discussion was the realization of the website.

One of the Polish Teacher gave her availability to do it. All the partners agreed with her.


15th November 2017

All the partners discussed about the questionnairy for teachers and students. A teacher from Slovenia will prepare it. All the partners shared them and each school will implement them to the local community. The results will be presented in the next meeting in Spain.

16th November 2017

The third woorkshop started, according to the project, planning the activities for the next meeting.

The students will do researches about Museum education elements are integrated into secondary school curriculum. Students will search information on internet and library.

They will study all together and produce a presentation of the final products.



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