Secondary School José Belchior Viegas

where: Sao Bras de Alportel

                         - Portugal

In the past, São Brás de Alportel had scarce educational infrastructures, having only one or two primary schools, obliging the children who wanted to continue studying to go to the capital city, Faro, that is about 20 Km away from this town situated in the interior of the Algarve. It is important to say that, at the time the accesses were not so good.

Having this situations in mind, a S. Brás citizen decided to open a private school, supported by the government, to give its people easier access to instruction and knowledge. After almost 50 years, the town hall, with the support of the government, built a new school with much better conditions and from 1994 on, S. Brás is dotated with a public high school and a public Secondary School, as the ancient building now belongs to the Government and is the Secondary school.

At the moment we can say that S. Brás de Alportel has Kindergartens, Primary schools all over the county, a high school and a secondary school, directed by one headmaster. So, these schools belong to the same group – Group of schools José Belchior Viegas. The all group is composed by 1514 students from 3 to 18 years old, 148 teachers and 110 other professionals - administrative and auxiliary.

The secondary school offers 2 ways of learning: the regular courses, that give direct access to University, and the Professional Courses that are destined to the students that want to ingress in a professional career. Presently, the school’s regular courses are: Humanities, Science and Economics. The professional courses are: Pastry/cooking, Sports, Multimedia and Information Systems. The Professional Courses have a total of 90 students, out of a total of 311 students in the secondary school.

It is a small school, but we consider it our second home, as people are nice and helpful.