Gimnazjum w Monkach

where: Monki- Poland

Our Junior High School was founded in 1999 and is located in Mońki. Mońki is a town in the north-eastern part of Poland,  in Podlaskie Voivodeship. In the 16th century Mońki was a village but after the war it became a city. The area has been inhabited for centuries by members of different nations and religions. Our school is located in the region where different national, religious, linguistic and cultural groups overlap. It is an area where various communities are closely related to each other, coexisting side by side. Here we have people who are: Poles, Lithuanians, Romas, Ukrainians, Jews, Tatars, Russians and Belorussians.

Currently, in our school there are approximately 244 students and 35 teachers.  Our school is well-equipped and our students are successful in subject, art and sports competitions. In our school three foreign languages are taught - English, Russian and French. The aim of the school is to promote excellence in teaching and enjoyment in learning as the foundation for success in life through a rich, broad and balanced curriculum. We believe that we make a difference by creating a safe and stimulating environment where our students and their families feel happy and secure. We want our students to be able to engage actively in learning and so be able to reach their full potential in all areas of school life knowing that they are cared for and supported. We believe that students' well-being is at the centre of our life in school and the key to raising academic standards.