Razlog Vocational High School "Nikola 'Stoychev'


where: Razlog- Bulgaria

Today 350 students are trained in 14 classes of 3 different career tracks. Each track requires that the students should take particular focus on special subjects along with a basic course of general studies and languages. The school offers three foreign languages - English, German and French. In addition to providing instructional classes the School offers practical exercise hours in which the students are encouraged to work in the community and earn a first-hand experience of parts of their specific field of study.

Razlog Vocational High School ‘Nikola Stoychev’ is a well-known and respected school. For more than 50 years, our school has been training specialists who actively take part in the economic and social life of the Razlog district. From its establishment until now, the claim of all the teachers, students and employees has always been to support its prestige.

Specialists in ECONOMICS & IT have knowledge of Economics as well as Humanities, Technologies and Management – macro and micro-systems, their own business, manufacturing, trade and financial interrelations with various partners. They are able to manage and supervise production, trade and finance sectors/departments of different businesses and work as company managers, sole traders, office managers.

Specialists in RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT AND RECREATION are trained to plan, organize, manage and supervise restaurant service; have knowledge of restaurant technological processes, techniques and up-to-date requirements of the restaurant business regulations. They are able to make new restaurant products, to have control over the quality, to establish a favourable socio-psychological atmosphere in the company, to work together in a team, to participate in marketing and advertising campaigns.

Specialists in CATERING are trained to plan, organize, manage and supervise services connected with catering; have knowledge of technological processes, techniques and up-to-date requirements of catering, culinary arts and nutrition, contemporary marketing and advertising conceptions. They are able to create new products as well as to have control over the quality of the ready-made and culinary products.